The Bogovina cave is protected natural area of the third category. With its 6,000m in length, it was the longest cave in Serbia for a long time.
The cave is located on the teritory of the municipatlity of Boljevac, on the eastern part of Mt. Juzni Kucaj, the district of the village of Bogovina. It is 12 km far from Boljevac, 62 km from Paracin and 220 km from Belgrade. The cave is accessible by motor vehicles.
It is one of the most gorgeous caves in Serbia, and one of tourist landmarks of the municipality of Boljevac. In 2008 the first restoration works took place in the cave facilitating tourists to visit it. The works were done under the project of Radenko Lazarevic, PhD.
The works in the Bogovina cave are financed by the municipality of Boljevac and The Ministry of Economy and Regional Development – the Tourism Department. The works were completed in 2013.
The 540-metre-path was constructed and it is raised from the river bed, facilitating free access to the caves most beautiful halls. Three halls stand out for their beauty and richness of jewels:
The Concert Hall – its northern wall is adorned with monumental decorations with the dome and array of colours. It looks very festive and impressive. It was named The Concert Hall because of its acoustics. It offers perfect conditions for music and literary events.
The Mining Hall is situated on the terrace at the river canals right side. It is dedicated to the miners of the Bogovina coal mine.
The Haiduk Hall is named after the 10 metre-stalagmite of ruddy colour and with two metre pedestal symbolizing Haiduk Veljko. From the eternal darkness, nearby Haiduk Veljko, Cucuk Stana, his faithful and courageous wife, emerges.
There are also another 10 halls rich in cave jewels in the facilitated part of the cave of which Crystal Saprkling Cascades, Chegar, The Brigde and Palisade stand out as most beautiful and breath-taking ones.