Once a monastery, a parish church now – Lozica

Monastery LozicaLozica Monastery is located in the village of Krivi Vir, in picturesque surroundings at the foot of Rtanj mountain. It is located on the right side of the Paracin – Zajecar motorway. The church is dedicated to the St. Archangel Gabriel, but it has not been explored thoroughly yet, so we know nothing about the exact date of its construction. However, it is certain that Lozica was first mentioned in the Turkish census in 1455, along with seven more monasteries in the Boljevac region. Besides Lozica, two more have been preserved to this day – Krepicevac and Lapusnja. Krepicevac is situated in the village of Jablanica, while Lapusnja lies between the villages of Krivi Vir and Lukovo.

It is assumed that Lozica church used to be a monastery, primarily because of the graves of male monks placed behind the church. Nowadays, Lozica serves as the parish church of the village of Krivi Vir, although it is about five kilometers away from the village itself. Every July 26, the locals gather in front of the church along with the elders, to celebrate the Day of St. Archangel Gabriel.

The church is of three-leafed basis, built in Morava style as well as Krepicevac and Lapusnja, with octagonal dome. It was made of stone and then plastered. It is know that it has been restored twice, in 1680 and then in 1850. The frescos probably belong to the period of second restoration. It is likely that even older ones can be found beneath. Iconostasis is rather newer.

Waterfall and a healing spring

Monastery LozicaNot far from Lozica, two springs can be found, with cold, potable water all year round. The first one is located in the immediate vicinity of the church. The other one is tucked into the woods, less than ten minutes on foot. Here, water cold as ice literally springs from stone. Locals believe this water can heal. So, don’t be surprised if you find the remains of wax candles somewhere around.

Another natural beauty makes the site of Lozica unforgettable. In early spring, when the snow is melting, water runs down the stone wall next to the healing spring, creating an amazing waterfall. Water breaks up on the rocks, with a deafening noise, which is why the waterfall is named Buk, meaning „the noisy one”. Sometimes it can even be heard from the motorway, hundreds of meters away.

Just a few kilometers away, there are the remains of Lapusnja Monastery, as well as Villa Lapusnja. This is an ideal place for those who crave for vacation in peace and quiet, away from noise and bustle.

Monastery Lozica