Homeland of Ljubinka Savic-Grassi, a sculptor

The house was built at the end of the 19th century and it belonged to the Savic family till 1926 when it was sold to the Ilino municiality. Besides the seat of the local administration, it used to be home of a restaurant and a shop. Close to the sculptor’s house, there is Ilino water well with fresh drinking water wich also stands as an inportant place in a tradiotional life of the inhabitants of Ilino.
The house was reconstructed and completely turnd into a Homeland of a sculptor, Ljubinka Savic-Grassi in September 2009.
The sculptor Ljubinka Savic-Grassi was born in the village of Ilino, near Boljevac in 1922. She graduated from the Academy of Arts in Belgrade where she took her M.A. degree in the class of professor Aloiz Dolinar. She lived and worked in Belgrade but she remained commited to her native birth place all her life.
Works of Ljubinka Savic-Grassi are exhibited in country’s largest museums, cultural and educational institutions and private collections as well. Some of her works of art have been exhibited in her house in Ilino since September 2009. Also, in Ljubinka Savic-Grassi’s room there is an exibition on her private and professional life.
Her works of art comprise:
– Sculptures of a woman and a child which had been her overwhelming nspiration;
– Portraits of the greatest minds and historical personalities in the form of a medallion, plaques and full plastics;
– A few monuments and memorials.
She used to work in plaster, terracotta and bronze.
She died in Belgrade on 1 December 1999.